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The Ruzickova Composition Competition international success!

Now in it's second year the competition's submission period is now closed and we're absolutely astonished with the outcome!

This year we received over 60 pieces written by composers from the UK, USA, Croatia, Italy, Iran, Colombia, Hungary, Mexico, Finland, Thailand, Argentina, Australia, China, Turkey, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Germany, Romania, Turkmenistan, France, Greece, Portugal, Brazil, Canada, Ireland and Peru!

Thank you so much to everyone who has submitted their piece, for your time and effort and interest in period instruments.

We hope that this was an inspiring challenge for you and that you will consider using baroque instruments for your writing in the future.

So what's the plan now?

During the next month we will meet and play through everyone's pieces with Simon Standage and other members of the quartet and choose the winning compositions.

On August 16th at 7pm (BST) winning pieces will be announced on @adawitczyk Instagram profile and winners will be contacted by email.

During the Autumn we will produce 2 videos with Simon Helbling and his crew and hopefully release them before Christmas (YAY!) and 3 winning compositions will be published by Prima la musica!

Would you like to help us on our journey of promoting baroque instruments?

Now YOU can make the difference and help us create new music and fantastic music films!

Please follow this link to make a donation and support the Ruzickova Composition Competition.

Have a great summer everyone!


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