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New quartets recorded!

I'm absolutely OVER THE MOON to share with you that we have successfully completed another step of this year's Ruzickova Composition Competition - the sound recording!

Now, let me take you a few weeks back to explain...

Because we weren't going to record on modern instruments but on the BAROQUE instruments we needed a perfect venue. A venue that would support the specific resonance of period instruments, favour their gut strings and bring the best out of them.

Basically, preferably an old building, a spacious church with LOADS of empty space inside.

Once that was sorted and booked we then needed to find good equipment.

We wouldn't have done it without kind help from our volunteer contributor Cameron Hills!

Days were filled with ordering microphones, microphone stands, mixing desks, cables, headphones and all kinds of nerdy stuff. What were we missing?! PEOPLE!!!

This year I was joined by more lovely musicians! Some are based locally in London and some travelled from afar, Ireland. On the photo above from left you can see next to me Catherine Martin on the violin, Rebecca Breen on viola and Norah O'Leary on cello.

Now, the exciting NEWS is that not too long from now, on 27&28 September we will start filming these 2 pieces! I honestly CAN'T WAIT!

The best part is... YOU CAN JOIN US! Simply, follow my instagram profile here and in my Stories you will be able to see all the behind the scenes, including travel to and from the venue and our hair & makeup done by wonderful Michelle Perkins from Make-up Artistry London.

I will introduce you to our musicians AND film director Simon Helbling and his crew and... Who knows! You might even be the first person to HEAR our winning Viktor Kalabis Prize pieces! Will you join us? :) Hugs, Ada


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