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How to make a MUSIC film?

Another year, another competition that asked composers for NEW music for period instruments, yet how SPECIAL!

I'm so incredibly thankful to announce that the FILMING part of this year's Ruzickova Composition Competition has been completed ! :)

Ok, ok... First things first! EQUIPMENT!

At the end of the day, we live in London, everything should be available close-by... right?

Oh how wrong was I :o

27 September 2021

So the day after fun van adventures, we arrived first thing in the morning at the studios.

Trust me, as things were happening, the time seemed to fly by while we greeted our new crew members, unpacked the car & set-up lunch area.

While the film crew were preparing the set, our hair & make-up artist was working with the cast.

The style? Dark, smokey eyes, bold lips, strong hair... 1930s are back!

If you know me well, you know how crazy about colours I am. Trust me, I was in my element with all the lighting changes! See for yourself!

Pssst... Below you can watch a glimpse of Come Bianca Luce by Massimo De Lillo. Read more about the piece and the composer here.

28 September 2021

New place, new moods and inspirations and... setting up from the beginning ;)

The second day included using very many different rooms, costumes and make-up changes. Ah... I can't wait for you to see the final effect soon!

Curious what Song and Dance by Alex Petshaft actually sounds like? The short video from behind the camera below is just for you! Read more about the composition and the composer here.

Very special thanks are in order to our fantastic film crew:

Simon Helbling - Director

Nick Hardisty - AD / Producer

Hamid Ahmadi - Director of Photography

Sahil Kotwani - 1st AC / Camera Operator

Nizah Elias - Gaffer / Camera Operator

Tom Xu - Spark / Camera Operator

John Mouratis - Camera Trainee

Daniela Stephan - Spark

And AGAIN we were so lucky to be in the good hands of Michelle Perkins and Zoe James from Make-up Artistry London

On the photo below you can see all 4 musicians from the quartet together at the end of the second day of shooting.

From left: Catherine Martin, Rebecca Breen, myself and Norah O'Leary.

Sooo... You probably would like to know what happens NEXT, right?

The post-production process will probably take about a few weeks. The editing, colour grading, adding the sound to the picture...

Why not SUPPORT the competition during that time though?

Without the generous support of so many friends, we simply couldn't have made our competition a reality.

Now you can help us on our journey in TWO ways:

Make a one-off donation



Make a monthly donation


Until then... Stay tuned and keep well!

Hugs Ada xx


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