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Ostinato in 7

"A piece with sense of heroism and about overcoming adversity. From the very beginning, the fast and frantic nature of the music reflects this drive and I hope its journey through exploration, obstacle and finally triumph is one that is meaningful to you. " - Oscar Tysoe

Concerto in d

New concerto for baroque violin by Klaus Miehling. Performed and recorder live in London (2023).


"Yellow, for me, evokes summer. The waving corn and rapeseed fields, sunflowers that follow the passage of the source of LIGHT and gorse on the coastal path that leads to the sea. It is the feeling of JOY when everything is so alive and busy. It is also the HONESTY and passion of paintings by Van Gogh, that suggest WARMTH, long days and ecstatic wonder."
- Samuel Howley

The Spectre

"The Spectre for Violin and Harpsichord was written during a time of extreme isolation (Covid-19) and is therefore fuelled by nostalgia and anxiety. The meaning behind the piece's title is about ghostly spectres from the past that haunt us during our daily lives. "
- Erik Valdemar Sköld

Voices of Angels

New concerto for baroque violin by An Vedi performed and recorded live in London (2023).

Rosary Sonata No. 1

'The Annunciation' - H. I. F. von Biber

La Conversation Enchantée et Galante

"Inspired by Telemann’s Paris Quartets and celebrates the art of conversation between instruments. " - Susie Vaughan

El Gorrión

"This piece inspired by the singing of birds written in the style and form of the French Ouverture. " - Isidro Albarreal Delgado

Memories of Malacuesta

New concerto for baroque violin by Isidro Albarreal Delgado. Performed and recorder live in London (2023).

Come bianca luce

"(As white light) evokes the emotions and feelings aroused by the vision of white light and its surprising chromatic variations: from the welcoming, soft and reassuring tone of warm light to the silent, icy and sharp white of cold light. " - Massimo De Lillo

Song and Dance

“Song and Dance is a composition inspired by my Jewish upbringing. Judaism is filled with songs with beautiful melodies as well as many fast and lively dances. " - Alex Petshaft

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