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Lights, camera, action!

We DID this!

Despite all the difficulties we've completed the next phase of our project, filming all 3 of our #compositioncompetition winning pieces! YAY!

It wasn't easy though. Following changing restrictions, replacing self-isolating film crew (while on the road), finding last-minute heaters, smoke machines, harpsichords and lights.

This time of year it's pretty cold OBVIOUSLY. Normally you could comfort yourself with a nice warm drink... except the kettle cuts out the fuses and blows the lights...

So here is a sneak-peak of our adventure from BEHIND the scenes.

Day 1 - Yellow

Composer: Samuel Howley

How do you even find a big enough space in central London in January so that people can work socially-distanced from each other? Well, thanks to Shalni Sood from The Royal Society of Blind Children and Vivian Lawrence that was POSSIBLE!

Sadly, the very kind David Wratten who helped us with all the logistics at the venue, passed away the night before our shoot. We would like to take this opportunity to send his family our sincere condolences.

What else does one need to make the impossible happen? We wouldn't have been able to make it without our wonderful extras:

Rebecca Breen is a viola player and teacher at GSMD and RAM Junior Academy

Edmund Taylor is a baroque violinist and founder of Thank You NHS Music

Siobhan Cha Cha is an actress so we were double lucky with a pro on the set!

Day 2 - Ostinato in 7

Composer: Oscar Tysoe

Current restrictions made it impossible for our director to fly to London from his home in Switzerland. For Simon Helbling nothing is impossible and he still managed to keep us on our toes as a director-on-the-phone-from-abroad :)

Pssst... this beautiful instrument was kindly loaned to us by members of #compositioncompetition judging panel - Jenny & Simon Standage. Have you listened to Simon's latest release? Go and check THIS out!!!

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak I haven't seen my family and any of my friends for more than a year, so it was even more amazing that pianist Vassil Nachev could join us on the set of Ostinato. We met for the first time as freshers in 2012 when starting our Bachelor of Music at the Royal College of Music. Since then we've performed and recorded together many times across the UK.

You're probably wondering where is THIS magical place? Diesel Gym is one of the most established and successful Mixed Martial Arts gyms in the UK. Not only were they extremely hospitable and helpful but they made our filming process smooth, safe and secure.

I even secretly started considering taking boxing lessons there... Who knows what 2021 will bring!

I also wanted to say thank you to the one and only Bridgewood and Neitzert for allowing me to use one of their bows for the whole process.

If you need help with your instrument this family-run restoration specialists in North London is the place to go!

Day 3 - Spectre

Heath Street Baptist Church was just a perfect spot to film this atmospheric piece. We're very grateful to John Henry Baker & Nicola Barbagli for their help. This place is well known to all the locals as it's the home of Baroquestock - a festival of baroque music.

Here I am with Thomas Allery who not only beautifully recorded the harpsichord part for all the pieces but also took part in the filming of Yellow and Spectre.

This project was possible because of thousands of miracles and a handful of dreammakers. Thank you so much to:

DP: Suzzette Ortiz 1st AC: Luke Priadi 2nd AC: Tzuri Baharier

Gaffer: Kaustubh Pote

Spark/Cam Trainee: John Mouratis

AD/Producer: Nick Hardisty Hair & Makeup: Michelle Perkins

Are you as curious as I am what the videos will look like?

You can subscribe to my YouTube channel now and be the FIRST to watch it!

I won't keep you waiting for too long so stay tuned, stay safe and stay well. Ada


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