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Let me introduce myself!

Hi, I’m Ada: violinist, performer and teacher, passionate about finding new and creative ways to connect through music and the founder of Composition Competition.

I was always very keen on learning new things and so I moved from my motherland Poland to study in the UK, first at the Royal College of Music and later to gain my Master's at the Royal Academy of Music. This was a crazy adventure on its own, but I loved the cosmopolitan feel so much that London soon became my home.

This year was a bit of a surprise to all of us. Things have been crossed out of the diaries, studies put on hold, events cancelled…

I realised very quickly that it’s not only me being disappointed, but that WE all as a global society share the same feelings and are going through a similar experience. Struggling to find motivation myself I decided to try to support others in the only way I know how:


I launched a Composition Competition that asked composers no matter what age or nationality to create a piece of 4-6 minutes for baroque violin and harpsichord.

Here I will be able to share with you the creative process, sneak peaks from behind the scenes and share ideas on presenting classical music in a very exciting, new and modern way!

At the end of the day, don’t old instruments deserve new repertoire too?

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23. Aug. 2020

Every crisis keeps senseless without changing into a chance. The idea, organizing a composing competition promotes exactly this. No doubt: There are a lot of reasons to criticize the whole COVID-19-stuff (esp. the dealing with it by the politics). There are a lot of reason to feeling scary (as an artist or creative person). Social distancing is hard for children, old or poor people, Lonely (believe me: I know what I am talking about). On the other hand: It is possible to go new ways - now. Not least it's my impression, that "behind the scenes" is a constant, little smile, serenity. I'll save places for the coming concerts.

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