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I've got a November surprise for you!

We've been working hard at Composition Competition HQ this Autumn and have some great news to share with you.

Believe it or not we managed to get into the recording studio just BEFORE lockdown 2.0 began!


I would like to say special thanks to our wonderful team and for the kindness of Heath Street Baptist Church who accommodated us during these difficult times.

OBVIOUSLY it wouldn't be a very good story to tell without a bit of drama: having to find a new venue at the last minute, missing sound equipment, dealing with new Covid-19 guidelines... We arrived back at HQ one MINUTE before midnight and the start of lockdown 2.0.

The times we live now in are very unusual. Despite all the obstacles I honestly believe that ESPECIALLY during moments like this we should try to create, stay positive and help each other.

We're trying to collaborate across different art disciplines: composition, performance, films. We're a small but dedicated group of people who seek to brighten up the reality around us and create something new and exciting.


We've completed phase 1, but we still need your help as we work towards step 2 - filming! You can find all information on how to do it HERE.


Oh, BTW! Are you curious what they sound like?

Here's a sneak peek of the wonderful Tom Allery and myself from our recording session.

"Ostinato in 7" by Oscar Tysoe

Inspired by Bach’s writing the work represents much of the music that he loves, creating a sound world that looks to both the past and future.

"The Spectre" by Erik Valdemar Sköld

The meaning behind the piece's title is about ghostly spectres from the past that haunt us during our daily lives.

"Yellow" by Samuel Howley

Just imagine: you're sitting in the garden during the evening, watching swallows and house martins swoop and chatter as they hunt for insects in the fading light and their happiness before going to roost...

Now: go out there, spread the word, SHARE this article and keep the creative positivity going!


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