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How to find the perfect BOW?

I was very lucky that when I needed to buy my FIRST bow my beloved teacher in Poland (many, MANY years ago) went with me and he helped me pick THE one.

Since then I’ve tried many different bows and here is what I would do if you’re thinking about getting a new bow:

Ask your local shop if you can borrow a selection of different types and take your time trying it over a long period and in different settings: on your own, playing chamber and orchestral music with others and in different rooms!

Everybody is different therefore there isn’t a ‘perfect’ weight or material for the bow. Sure, there are some great ones on the market, but you need a bow that FEELS right for YOU.

Definitely try and compare light with heavy ones, snakewood with carbon fibre and maybe even consider BAROQUE bows for early music or a CLASSICAL one for Mozart and his contemporaries!

Bridgewood and Neitzert was founded in 1982 and quickly became recognized WORLDWIDE for its quality repairs and dedication to SOUND.

I’m EXTREMELY happy to announce that they have become our new Composition Competition partner!

During forthcoming recordings of our 3 winning pieces, I will be using one of their bows.

The family-run shop has a selection of STRING instruments and accessories. MODERN, CLASSICAL, BAROQUE… it’s all there for YOU together with years of expertise on PERIOD instruments too!

Moreover, I’ve got a HUGE surprise for you!

Use promo code ADA10 and get 10% OFF all instrument REPAIRS!

Do you remember the last time you gave YOUR instrument a bit of TLC?

Don’t you think it’s the PERFECT time for it?

HURRY! Offer ends on October 31st!


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