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Composition Competition goes global!

With over 30 pieces written by composers from the UK, USA, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Thailand, Italy, Indonesia, Poland, Iran, Sweden, Israel and Austria the outcome has exceeded our expectations beyond wildest dreams!

Thank you so much to every single person who submitted their music, for your time and interest in our Composition Competition and for staying positive and creative during the pandemic. In that sense you’re all winners!

The kind words and lovely comments I received during the last 2 months really gave me the energy to keep on working. I hope that you also feel we are one big musical family and together we have created something unique and proved that even during difficult times music brings the best out of people.

So what happens now?

Throughout September we will meet with Simon Standage and Steven Devine to play through your pieces, ENJOY 😊, discuss and choose 3 winners.

On October 1st at 6.30pm (BST) winning pieces will be announced on @adawitczyk Instagram profile and winners will be contacted by email

During the Autumn we hope to produce all 3 videos (depending on the pandemic situation) with Simon Helbling and his crew and hopefully release them before Christmas (YAY!)

Watch this space for ‘behind the scenes’ updates from our judging and film sessions and subscribe to not to miss a thing!

The last 2 months flew by extremely fast, don’t you think?

If possible, should we run another competition in the future? What would you change?

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1 Comment

Sep 02, 2020

Congratulations for this competition! In my opinion you've reached the goal, to produce and spread creative positivity. I think, the next step could be the realizing of common projects - compositions, global concerts, connections to other kinds of arts (literature, theater, drawing a.s.o.) To put it in really big words: Networking of all creative people (or as much as possible) keeps the answer to these times. On step of this could be a new competition (perhaps a piece including words?) . I am curious!

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