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Ralf Dorrell

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Ralf Dorrell is a composer, bass player and music educator who has been active in the Bath/Bristol/Wiltshire area since moving there from Derbyshire in 1980.

He started composing at the age of eight. Since then he has studied classical composition at degree and masters degree levels.
He recently completed a PhD in Jazz Composition and has set up the New Jazz quartet Snappersnipes as a vehicle for his jazz compositions. 


Being an active performer as well as a composer, Ralf is very interested in writing music that is playable, well-written and effective. His composing style is informed by his experience as a performer, arranger and composer in many genres of music - classical, early music, jazz, free improvisation, pop and folk - performing as both a bass player (including electric bass guitar) and trombone/sackbut player. After forty years as a music teacher and university lecturer, he left teaching in March 2021 to concentrate on composing and performing full-time.

Jigsaw Jig

Jigsaw Jig (2021) was written for a baroque string quartet (but would work equally well on modern instruments).


It is a contemporary take on baroque dance music with a groove to 'nod your head to'.

The title is based on the fact that none of the instruments has the main melody, but all the parts interlock to create the overall picture - like a jigsaw.


The form is similar to a rondo but the opening section is often varied on each return (usually by giving one of the players a break...). Enjoy!

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