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Alex Unseth

Alexander Unseth is a self-taught composer who was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. He has an academic background in business administration and economics.

In 2021, Alexander submitted his first official piece entitled Beethoven on Broadway for cello and piano to the Fabulous Fox Theatre’s St. Louis Teen Talent Competition - it was awarded an originality prize and officially started Alexander’s compositional journey.
Since then, he has won domestic and international acclaim for competition pieces and commissions of various ensemble size including soloists, choirs, and orchestras; his most notable achievement to date is winning the international 2023 Best Symphonina of the Year Competition, a prize that included having his piece recorded by the International Symphonina Orchestra and put on an album.
He also places a large emphasis on composing for amateur ensembles and has worked with several of them across the state of Missouri, including high schools and churches.

One of Seven

Dedicated to my six siblings (showing a total of seven children), One of Seven describes the playful and combative love I experienced that is often inevitable with siblings. It also describes the brief use of 7/8 time in the first movement to give a humorous feel to the piece.

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